09 Nov

Romain Cross Pointe Auto Park | What Inspires You?

We were asked to create a new campaign focused on the community. This campaign included logo design, brand identity, digital advertising, website design, outdoor advertising, photography, and TV commercials. The “E is for Everyone” campaign inspired Romain to communicate their desire to make the town they live and work in better. Romain

05 Jun

Come Back to Coal!

Come Back To Coal! Kitch & Schreiber worked with S&L Industries to develop a branding campaign to create awareness of exciting career opportunities. S&L Industries is a leader in employee placement for the coal mining industry in the Western Kentucky, Southwestern Indiana. and Southern Illinois region. With the resurgence of

07 Oct

Automotive Online Advertising

Have you ever noticed online ads following you around no matter what website you go to? Maybe you were on Amazon shopping for shoes or a shirt. Whatever it was, the point is you keep seeing ads for the item you are considering buying. Well, its called “retargeting”, we’re really good at

28 Jul

Pain Clinic Radio Ad

It’s hard to catch a person’s attention while they’re listening to the radio. Some advertisers go with a “screaming” approach, other fill it up with sound effects, maybe even comedy or catchy music. All these strategies can work well, but as you will hear with this example, we decided to