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Local Search Services in Evansville, IN

Local, Regional and National SEM Programs:

At Kitch & Schreiber, we develop local, regional and national customized Search Engine Marketing programs.

Here are just a few reasons our Pay Per Click programs are right for you:

  • Customized solutions focusing on specific goals and objectives.
  • Daily reports are available.
  • We have the knowledge and experience to maximize your PPC investment.
  • We assist you in determining a campaign budget that is right for your business.
  • No Contract – Service is always month to month.
  • We work within YOUR search engine marketing account – Should you choose to cancel, you keep the work you paid for.
  • We track conversions.
  • PPC campaigns are continually optimized.

Please call (812) 424-7710

Kitch & Schreiber will assist in developing and implementing a pay per click strategy that will meet your return on investment goals.